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The charges against Shanesha Taylor has been dropped!! Taylor was arrested back in march for leaving her children in the car during a job interview. This morning a deal was reached, the deal will require Taylor to complete parenting and substance abuse classes as well a establishing an education and childcare trust fund for her three kids. With each education trust fund to have $10,000 in. The money will come the fundraisers that was set up on Taylor’s behalf to help with legal fees and other expenses. A total of $144,775 was raised. $144,775 from over four thousand donors.

By entering into this agreement and program, Taylor avoided a potential two year probation or a possible eight year sentence. 

If Taylor fails to follow the conditions of the agreement, the criminal charges will be reinstated. 



Before yall get on the subject of “Those animals in St. Louis are rioting for nothing” Let’s take a look at some of the shit white folks like to riot for shall we?


Wonder how many of those had people talking about the people participating in the riots and calling them every thing except a human being

We riot for injustice and murder and we’re animals

yall riot for sporting events and you’re just over-enthusiastic fans

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